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Lessons of 2020.

2020 What a year it has been! You have probably heard it a lot, time flies! I thought being on quarantine for months it will be a very long year but it's not! “Time flies, whether you’re wasting it or not.” Crystal Woods

This blog will be like a personal journal(disclaimer). This year started so promising until late 2nd quarter where COVID19 just took over everything. Anxiety, stress and sometimes almost felt like I am in the brink of depression.

My mind while in quarantine was just restless, felt this more when the holidays started.

I was one of those kids who have always anticipated the holidays. I was excited from the moment that “ber"months(from September) kicks in. Yes, we Filipinos start to usher Christmas from September.

Gift giving, nonstop flow of food like chocolates, cakes and other seasonal food to ignite that holiday feeling.

The new decade did not start in the usual way. Pandemic hit 2020, everything came to a halt. The normal things as we used to know it are no more.

We now have to live and find ways to celebrate the holidays out of the norm. Families will not be able to celebrate together. Imposed restrictions made it impossible for friends, colleagues and families to get together. However, we always find a way to connect. Zoom, messenger and other social media platform has been our most reliable gateway to contact our loved ones. It will not be the same. It is a hard change. The intimacy rewarded by being close to the ones we care about will never be ever replaced by the virtual alternative. We have to settle for this change for now. Difficult it maybe it is a lot better, imagine if the pandemic hit during the 80’s or early 90’s? How would’ve it been?

To spend special occasions away from the ones you hold dear is a great sacrifice. We stayed long abroad, sacrificing the time away from home thinking that we are a big factor in building a good future to our love ones. Those times that you are by yourself, you are given time to think and reflect. Time, you will never get it back. The world has changed, perhaps, this is the time to make that change. Spend the precious time you have left on this earth. Make it more meaningful and find that fulfilment you have been seeking. Time never stops for anyone, nor does it turn back!

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