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Dream on the Works - CVAP Week #1

Dream on the Works - CVAP Week #1 We all have experiences where at some point in our childhood, when our parents, teachers, and as well as other folks asked us what we want to be when we grow up. Often, there are set of expectations, perhaps, it is ingrained in our culture or generation. Your answer, therefore, should focus on to one of the most common questions that looks like a multiple-choice answer sheet e.g.: A. Engineer, B. Astronaut, C. Doctor, E. Nurse, D. Pilot. These professions somehow have given the parents a secure mind and a breath of relief that their child has a goal to succeed in life. As for the child, it is a chance for him/her to impress and please the parents who obviously has a biased mind set about their child’s future. Wouldn’t it be great if the child knew exactly what potential they have at a young age? I guess they do, however, it will be so different from parents’ expectations. A child who is more imaginative and creative, if asked the same set of questions, their answer would always tend to be incredulous in the eyes of an adult and sometimes a parent would not be able to hide it. A child may be naïve and unknowledgeable, but they can be quite sensitive. That glimpse of rejection towards their vision of their future self would sometimes automatically push a child to lose their dreams. Parents in my generation would tend to try to redirect their child towards a safer more “secure path”. The path of standardization that pushes you down the road of working only to sustain your survivability and hopes of prosper. I am not saying they are wrong, as often, loving parents only want their children to succeed in life with the idea that it will make them happy. At a young age, we have dreams and things we wish we could do. However, those dreams and wishes would tend to fade as we experience life and the challenges of reality. It’s easy to just go through the motion and continue to do what is comfortable and familiar. But for those of you who are like me, who seek fulfilment, who want to do more. We are all faced with a question, what do I want to do with my life? We all need to hear and realize that it’s never too late to take a step towards what we really want to do. I am now taking few steps towards mine, unsure and slightly shaken but I am very hopeful that I would be able to nurture the creativity inside me that was set aside. I recently enrolled in a workshop called CVAP (Certified Voice Artist Program) where you can be trained to become a Professional Voice Artist. I hear the announcements when I am in the train station, elevators, and malls. I have always wondered; I did not know that it was called voice over or voice acting at that time. Questions, information, and excitement started overflowing and I could not believe that there is so much to learn about Voice Over; that’s a profession! I have made my first step to fulfilling my childhood dream. I may succeed or I may not, but it is a dream long overdue which if I was given a chance to pursue a long- time ago, I might have already known it by now. However, this is no longer a time to linger in the past but to keep moving forward towards a destination that I have always wanted to reach. I will get there. With the support of the people that care most about me and the newfound friends that have the same postponed dreams as I within the CVAP.

The New Fashion Normal On today's worldwide battle with the COVID-19, peoples' lives have changed whether they like it or not. Crisis looms in every single household even for those that have always been tagged as "the fortunate"; imagine how it is now for the ones who have always been the less fortunate. I can only imagine how much crime rate will increase once everything has been pushed forward to the New Normal. When shops, restaurants, bars and other social places re-opens in the usual times. When people will once again be allowed to go out without having to secure a permit just to roam around or be policed by special officers to observe Social Distancing and of course most importantly to WEAR A MASK! Now, speaking of masks. Sometime in March when most countries were announcing lockdowns, circuit breakers and community quarantines wearing a mask was not mandated by the government, and in fact people were also discouraged to wear one if they were not at all infected or showing any symptoms. That had a sudden turnaround a few weeks after. In April, wearing a mask became mandatory that went along with fines or jail time if caught not wearing it properly let alone without it. Masks are important! Especially now, that since from December of 2019 when COVID-19 was first discovered, no vaccine has still been developed. Masks are important! People need to wear it! People are required to wear it. So now that a mask has become a part of our every day lives. It has slowly and strangely creeped in the fashion sense of a lot people. Different designs, colours, shapes and styles have flooded retails stores. Suddenly even those that didn’t even intend to sell them have it in front of their shops for as low as P350 ($10SGD or $7 USD) for a box of 50 pcs. I see dress shops selling them, drug stores (of course!), bookstores (wow!), food stores (huh?) and the funniest shops I saw selling them now are electronic shops and bakeries. But of course, will you blame them? This is the time when you need to grab what is hot – MASKS! I won’t even be surprised when large companies start making specially produced and technologically enhanced (as they would claim it to be) masks to convince you that what they sell is way better than what you can find elsewhere. I am talking about the big brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour and the list goes on. Masks with a swoosh, three stipes or a white cat leaping printed on it. How about Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Versace? How do you think their masks would look like?

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