• Basiliso Fetil

CVAP Week 4

The time has come! CVAP Batch 2 will be celebrating its graduation rights on Saturday, August 29, 2020.

It has been a fruitful journey for all of whom were fortunate enough to have had the chance to register and be a part of that wonderful workshop. There were those who did their best to participate every Saturday regardless where they were or what they were doing. Some had very little resources and network connection but managed so that every minute spent with colleagues during the workshop is felt as a step closer to their dreams.

When people start talking about how time flies it is also when most start sharing their past experiences. May it be the hard times or the funny ones. I can remember during the fourth week when we were asked to do live dubbing of the characters that were pre-chosen by us and be presented in front of the group. I can admit that the idea alone of performing live was already giving me uncomfortable feelings. More so during the day of the presentation when 2 of our groupmates were not able to participate due to network or important personal matters. I was the one voted to cover for one of them; and guess what? He had the longer line. The line were at first, I thought was interesting, then I changed my mind since like what just mentioned, “he had a longer line”. To cut things short, I practiced only what line was assigned to me which was something I really liked as well. I didn’t even bother to watch the entire montage because I decided to focus more and practice the only part I have, so I’d be able to deliver an award-winning performance!

Saturday came, and the dreadful announcement was made; the 2 male groupmates of ours didn’t make it. I must be a team player, but before even attempting to volunteer I already heard a voice in the group saying my name. So, I told myself, “this is it”. My hands started to get cold and my lips were starting to numb, but I had to act professionally (since I was also the oldest in the group) and stay composed. I kept convincing myself that I could do it and that I was born for it. Hahahaha! Who was I kidding??

The performance was over, and we survived. We all did our parts regardless of the connection issues and of course the MIA groupmates. It got done and over with. I did horrible.

My realization was not that I wasn't able to do the surprise part badly but appreciated myself for learning that teamwork is way more important than delivering a great line (of course it would have been better if I did deliver it perfectly). My team saw the effort and I saw their concern towards our other groupmates that didn’t make it. There is always a next time, and with greater team connection, for sure we’ll be able to deliver better and more meaningful lines.

Life is never wrong, if it brought you there then it was meant to be. Often, the funny part is looking back. The journey you had to take and the experiences you have enjoyed or endured

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