• Basiliso Fetil

CVAP Week 3

As we all feel the pressure of the lockdowns, we continue to ask how do we get through while everything seems to be filled with scepticism.

The dream and the vision will not accomplish itself. I am glad that I am quite aware of my ability and character when faced with new challenges. These came from years of working and trying different sort of things. Questions that I have asked myself like, “How can I make my dream a reality? How do I get to what I want to?” I am happy to share this with you, it is important to have a strategy to be able to make progress. It is more important to link your strategy to your execution, without these, it is so easy to be lost. Signing up with CVAP has truly proven to be valuable to me.

I do believe that there are a lot of ways to develop yourself but one of the most effective learning interventions is coaching. It has provided safe space for me to explore challenges or plan to achieve my goal to be a voice artist. An opportunity to work with an experienced artist to find workable solutions based on past experience and industry practice.

I have never regretted carving time out to focus my energy on improving myself professionally, and in turn it allows me the opportunity to find answers from within that I did not even realized I had. It has harnessed my confidence in a level that is now more organic.

As a student participating on a home-learning program, still require some adjustment. Perhaps for many of us, the last few months have been the first time to study and work remotely and some may have been doing it for a long time. I thought initially that it will be a big obstacle for me, however, it was not the case. The culture on a virtual space for participants who have gotten to know each other and work collaboratively on common projects has overcome my pre-conception of the class. There is a strong sense of belonging and trust. My team got to know each other, bond, and create a sense of ownership towards our project. A tightly knit group based on trust and open communication is what I think that has contributed to the success I have so far. CVAP workshop Batch 2 is soon coming to an end, but “The End” will just be another favorable moment for everyone to begin a new adventure. This time equipped with a strong foundation and confidence that has come from the comfort of knowing that the CVAP Family is readily available to guide us in our new journey.

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