• Basiliso Fetil

CVAP Week 2

Hey Guys! @ the 2nd weekend of the workshop, CVAP. Allow me to share what I think so far, it triggered something within me. Almost resembling my past experiences when I was still in High School more than 35 years ago. I probably can say, like any other typical student (at least those I know) I wasn’t too eager to study and was always pre-occupied with other “cooler stuff”, like playing and hanging out with friends.

In fact, I was barely passing my subjects. However, in some weird way and turn of events, after taking an exam in Filipino (a subject that I literally had very little interest on back then), my then teacher approached me and accused me of cheating. Felt embarrassed amongst my classmates when she uttered those words in front of the whole class.

To my teachers surprise, I scored quite high (90%) in the exam, and she could not believe it. I too, had doubts and surprised myself; I never cheated. I was annoyed by how she reacted with the results I received from her exam and how my other classmates assumed her accusation was true, I was somewhat humiliated. However, I took it as a challenge. I took another exam, same subject, same teacher, different questions and different attitude – now with more eagerness to prove something. This time I scored 100%!

From then, I dedicated most of time to studying, making sure every homework is completed and participated more in school activities. A total 180 ̊ makeover! Looking back, the resentment I had for that teacher pushed me to better myself so I guess I am more grateful for the scolding hence my mindset until today. Continuing through every interview, entrance exams, promotional seminars and other opportunities that present itself, I make sure to be part of it 100%!

What is the connection you ask?

I want to do my best in every homework or task this workshop requires, knowing that in the end, I will benefit from it in all aspects. It is only the second weekend and the knowledge that I have gained have been satisfying. There are still a few more Saturdays to come and excitement fills me knowing that I will learn more, and I can’t wait for another opportunity to absorb it all!

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