• Basiliso Fetil

Change means Change

The time has come when survival is given a broader sense. When back to basics is literally how it is. When living a simple life is not something to be embarrassed about anymore, as even living simple also no longer has a guarantee of sustainment. The number of those living in fear is growing larger.

The pandemic is not only an immense health crisis- it has changed the world in all aspects of life. The past few months, it has opened my eyes about a lot of things that I used to perceive as imperatives to my lifestyle.

The most important feature of our experiences of time during crisis is what anthropologist Jane Guyer termed “enforced presentism”: a feeling of being stuck in the present, combined with the inability to plan ahead. We currently don’t know when we can see our loved ones again, or when we can go on holiday. More severely, many of us don’t know when we’ll go back to work- or indeed if we have a job to go back to. In the midst of this crisis, it is hard to imagine a future that looks different than the present. (Read the full article on The Conversation)

I would like to be positive, although it is difficult during this crisis. Specially going through everyday hearing, the local news, stories from friends and seeing people how they struggle. During quarantine, instead of getting perpetually stressed out and not enjoying myself (which I already experienced in my full-time job). I have more time to reflect, re-assess and focus more on things. No one wants their life to be complex and given a chance for a simple life, we will all grab it. After all, these times does give you the chance to see things clearly. It may sound cliché, being in the moment has never been more meaningful to me. Realizing what you need to survive daily is simple. And the people who truly cares are the only ones that matter.

What does it take to thrive during these times? Thriving does not only mean to flourish and succeed. It also means to be resilient and develop as you embark on new challenges. There are still a lot of questions about the future. Will the world ever go back to what it was? Perhaps, it will not and accepting that it is a changed world will be more helpful.

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